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Yoga girl in seated meditation position on a beach with palm trees in the background



We are a boutique Yoga Studios + Holistic Healing Centre in the heart of Epsom.



Your holistic home from home for healing, health + happiness.

We offer a wide range of Yoga classes, courses, workshops + Sound Healing events that inclusively cater to all levels. We also offer Holistic treatments to deepen your journey to your 'Self'.


Our mission is to provide a peaceful + homely space for your Yoga family to connect with their mind, body + soul.


Our experienced teachers are passionate about sharing the benefits of Yoga + helping you delve deeper into your practice.


Come join us on this journey of healing; to a healthier + happier life.


Most Popular

At Bodhi Eden we are excited to offer both heated + unheated Yoga classes, Sound Healing, workshops, courses, events + more.

The Sun Room is our larger studio + accommodates our heated classes such as the Hot Hot 90.

The Moon Room is our smaller space which houses meditations + unheated classes such as Parent + Baby Yoga.


Find out more about how it all began


Although a long-held dream to open a Yoga Studio, Hannah didn't go looking for Bodhi Eden. Bodhi Eden found her...

A bijou space (and yes, we mean small!) that creates a holistic home from home for healing, health + happiness

Bodhi Eden is named after Hannah's children + so with family in mind, we hope that Bodhi Eden will become so much more than just a community, we hope it will feel more like your second family.


Meet Our Teachers

We pride ourselves in bringing you the best in local Teachers to bring you the best inclusive Yoga classes.

Hannah Estelle - woman with long ombre hair, brown eyes, in a grey hoodie with 'Grateful' written across it

Hannah Estelle

Hannah has been practicing + teaching Yoga for over a decade. She is a RYT 500Hr + E-RYT 200Hr.

Her background is in Hot Yoga, Yin, Hatha, Pre + Post Natal Yoga, Baby Yoga + Baby Massage, Kids Yoga as well as Sound Healing + Reiki.

She believes in being kind to the body to nourish the soul.

BE Teacher - Kee Chan.png

Kee Chan

Kee has more than 800Hrs of Teaching training under his belt, along with nearly 2 decades of Hot Yoga experience! 

Kee creates a calm + compassionate environment to bring awareness to breath + attention to alignment. He hopes to leave you feeling better, lighter + happier. Be mindful in your movement. Be aware of how your body feels today. Be happy with whatever the outcome.

Charlotte Lauren - woman with blue eyes, smiling.

Charlotte Lauren

Charlotte is a 300hr+ certified Yoga Teacher with a background in Vinyasa + Yin Yoga, as well as Massage Therapy.

She aims to combine these elements when teaching in order to challenge students to explore their limits, discover their inner strength, all whilst nurturing their mind + body.  

Laila Bhunnoo - woman with pink lipstick smiling. She had brown hair + eyes.

Laila Bhunnoo

Laila's roots are steeped in Meditation. She weaves this thread through all her Yogic teachings, providing a calm + balanced practice for her students.

From Hot, to Yin to Yoga Nidra, Laila's expansive knowledge will leave you feeling peaceful + relaxed.

BE Teacher - Martha Fish.png

Martha Fish

Martha is a trained dancer as well as a Mandala Vinyasa, Pregnancy, Postnatal + Mum + Baby Yoga Teacher.

Her classes are both balanced + dynamic. With a love of movement Martha will simultaneously challenge + calm you.

BE Teacher - Suraj Ghumra.png

Suraj Ghumra

Suraj knows only too well the healing power of Yoga + through his own felt experiences he is able to share his 12 year journey through his teachings. Suraj is qualified in both Hot + Vinyasa Yoga + wants to help as many people as possible on their own unique Yogic path.  

BE Teacher - Danarys Draper.png

Danarys Draper

Danarys is an intuitive Yoga Teacher bringing aspects of crystals, Oracle cards + Sound Healing to her flowing movement based classes.
She has used Yoga to help her recover + rebuild from major back surgery in 2020; training as a Teacher to bring more of this relaxing healing to others. 

BE Teacher - Amanda Teeha.png

Amanda Teeha

Amanda trained in India in 2019 + has been amazed at the gifts that Yoga has brought to her own life.

Lockdown 2020 ignited the desire to help others + share these incredible offerings through teaching well-rounded classes that help build self-acceptance, resilience + presence.

BE Teacher - Vinny Barnfather.png

Vinny Barnfather

Vinny has been teaching well over a decade + uses this knowledge + experience to Power up her Yoga classes!
From de-stressing + bringing balance back into her life; Vinny focuses on body awareness + control - to help increase flexibility + strength in both body + mind. Work hard; but leave feeling invigorated.

BE Teacher - Hannah Duncan.png

Hannah Duncan

From the stage to the mat - Hannah aims to share the joy of the transformative practice of Yoga + it's holistic benefits to diverse communities far + wide!
Knowing only too well the impact her own practice had on her mind, nervous system + outlook, Hannah is well versed in Children's Yoga, Vinyasa, Restorative + Embodied practices.

BE Teacher - Naomi Hu.png

Naomi Hu

As a New Zealand native, Naomi has a strong international background from her work as a digital marketing pro + now certified Yoga Teacher!

Naomi combines her diverse cultural experience to help share the joy of Yoga - guiding you to create space in your mind + body; so that you can 'come home' to yourself.


Our aim is that Bodhi Eden is a space that provides so much more than just an amazing Community – it becomes more like a Family.


Your second family.


Although holistic practices such as Yoga do provide an element of transformation, we are not fixated on this at Bodhi Eden.


We are about honouring the journey, not just the end result.


“It’s the journey, not the destination”


Key to our offerings is that they are pitched to all levels.


You are not too old, too inflexible, too fat, too thin, too-whatever-you-want-to-tell-yourself. We all have to start somewhere.


We want Bodhi Eden to be a space where you feel included.


We believe that ultimately Happiness is what we are all striving for.


This is what a healed + healthy body, mind + soul will lead us to; Peace + Happiness.


We hope that Bodhi Eden will be your happy place; a beautiful, calming space that you can enjoy + have fun at.



Join Our Family

Become part of the fabric at Bodhi Eden by signing up for unlimited Yoga classes.


Client Love

“A truly special practice.”


“Great instruction! Always enjoy your classes.”


“The perfect environment to stop + rebalance.”


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