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Our Therapists

Meet our Therapists, offering you uniquepersonalised, healing experiences to help you relax, release + rejuvenate.

All of our Therapists are qualified in their fields with many hours of practical experience.


From energy shifting to bodywork, we've got your happiness in mind!

Hannah Estelle - a woman smiling with ombre hair + brown eyes. She wears a grey hoodie with 'Grateful' written on it in black text

Hannah Estelle

Reiki + Sound Healing

When I started to explore Yoga I was always interested in what other complementary therapies there were out there.

Drawn to the universal energy healing of Reiki I trained in this field - sending energy to where your body needs it most. 

Sound has been a huge part of my LBY (Life Before Yoga). With a First Class Degree in Commercial Music, a Masters in Music Business Management + a Diploma in Vocals it was only natural that I would be drawn to the sonic healing of Sound Baths.

Using frequency + vibrations to entrain the brainwaves + bring about deeper states of relaxation, let me help you through the lazy man's meditation.  

BE - Rosie Bain.png

Rosie Bain

Deep Tissue, Swedish, Pregnancy + Postnatal, Sports Massage

My fascination with the body's ability to heal + adapt sparked a passion for complementary therapies + their ability to alleviate physical + everyday stress. This led me to train as a Massage Therapist in 2013 + I have learnt a variety of techniques including Deep Tissue, Pregnancy + PstNatal, Sports + Swedish massage.

I naturally gravitate toward Eastern philosophy + before having my daughter I went to India to learn Ayurvedic massage (Ayurveda is the ancient Indian medical system interlinked with Yoga), which brings a calming flow to my practice.

Over the years, I have worked in clinics + high-end spas, developing a dynamic style rooted in strong anatomical knowledge + diverse techniques for effective muscle tension release + ultimate relaxation.

My massage treatments are tailored to the individual, whether treating tension accumulated from work posture, exercise, chronic conditions, or if you just need to be pampered!

BE Therapist - Caroline Beswick.png

Caroline Beswick

Foot + Facial Reflexology + Indian Head Massage

I am a Holistic Therapist hoping to help people restore balance back to the body + mind.


I practice Reflexology + Indian Head Massage + am a member of the Association of Reflexology.

I am drawn to the basic principle that physical, emotional + mental health is intrinsically linked. In the ancient practice of Reflexology, the feet are seen as a 'mirror' of the body. Mapping out its interlinked structures, organs + systems. With gentle massage to these reflex points we can release energy blockages + tension in areas of the body. 

Indian massage provides a beneficial + deeply relaxing acupressure massage to the head, scalp, neck, shoulders, arms + face. It has numerous benefits including improving migraines + headaches, neck, back + shoulder pain + is a blissful treatment when used in combination with Reflexology - giving you the perfect 'top to toe' experience for healing + relaxation! 

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