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Our Story

Bodhi Eden. Awaken Paradise. My son + daughter. 

This is how it all began... 

Family Walking On the Beach

A space that 
feels like home.

I didn't go looking for a studio - it came to me.

At the time I was gifted the opportunity to become guardian of the space we now know as Bodhi Eden, I was actually considering building a studio in my garden. But everything aligned, bringing the right people to me at the right time.

It was a long-held dream to create a Yoga studio + after countless hours of daydreaming, journalling, manifesting, talking it into existence, here we are.

Bodhi Eden.

Bodhi noun

[Bo·dhi / boh-dee]

: supreme knowledge, awakening or enlightenment

Eden noun

[ˈi·dən / eed-n]

: paradise, a state of perfect happiness or bliss

Keeping it in
the family.

Our Yoga Studio is named after my children... although technically my son is not called 'Bodhi', it is the name I would have liked for him - until my husband vito'd it! 


We settled on 'Brody' for our beautiful boy - which is not a far cry from the sound of Bodhi (although the meaning differs somewhat!!).

And then Eden, well she arrived 2 years later under the Super Pink Moon, completing our little family.

So it's with these two BE-ings in mind that we landed on the name.

Bodhi Eden.

Discovering Yoga, practicing Yoga, becoming a Yoga Teacher. Becoming a Sound Healer. It has all been life changing for me. And nothing brings me more joy then sharing what I love best with you. And seeing you succeed, showing up for yourself time + time again. This is why I needed Bodhi Eden.

To house all of these great Yogic experiences under one roof. In my hometown (since birth!). To bring together like-minded souls, incredible Teachers + a wide range of Yogic offerings to suit all ages, levels + abilities. All are welcome.

There is no place quite like it in Epsom. 

So remember; Bodhi Eden is not my space. It's our space.

A home from home. Your home from home.

For Healing. For Health. For Happiness.

Team work

Hannah x

Founder of Bodhi Eden

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