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Find out more about the tardis that is Bodhi Eden + our facilities.

Sun Room

The biggest of our two studio spaces; the Sun Room holds up to 12 mats.

An 'L' shaped studio with a mirrored wall. It's quirky but we make it work!

Aptly named; the Sun Room is our only heated studio - with 6 state-of-the-art Infrared panels reaching temperatures of up to 40 degrees Celsius. (Note that the ceiling height is a little snug; please do not touch the heaters!!!)

You can access the Sun Room straight from the street or you can use the side gate + come in through the back door.

Don't worry about being overlooked from the street view - curtains will be pulled whilst classes are in-session to give you privacy whilst you practice.


Eclipse Room

Image by Jongsun Lee

Sitting between the Sun + Moon Rooms you will find our Eclipse Room.

This is a flexible space that serves as both a Treatment Room +/or a place to leave belongings. Plus a walk through here + you will be able to access to our WC. 

This room is available for providing Holistic treatments such as Reiki, Sound Healing, Massage, Acupressure or Reflexology. Please contact us here for more information.

Moon Room

The smaller of our two studios the Moon Room can house 6-8 mats.

Our mirrorless, cooler space (there's no Infrared heaters here) is great for cosy, intimate classes + meditation practices.

You can access the Moon Room from the street via the Sun Room or if classes are in-session you can use the side gate + come in through the back door + kitchenette!

Image by Pedro Lastra

Dressing Room

Clothes Hangers

If you need a bit of space (or privacy) to get changed before or after class you can do this in our Dressing Room.

Found in our courtyard, we have converted this giant shed into more useable space for you!

Please note that any belongings are left at your own risk.

All of this under
one roof.

We also have a small, private courtyard, where bikes + prams can be left, but at your own risk.

Check out our FAQs for any other queries you may have about our Rooms.

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