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Our Teachers

We are blessed to have a talented team of highly qualified Yoga Teachers to guide you through your practice.

We require that all of our Teachers complete a minimum of 200hrs of Teacher Training in their respective disciplines, alongside many hours of personal practice + teaching experience.


Regardless of the style, rest assured that all classes will be delivered with quality + inclusivity in mind. Allowing you to access your Yoga, your way.

Hannah Estelle - a woman smiling with ombre hair + brown eyes. She wears a grey hoodie with 'Grateful' written on it in black text

Hannah Estelle

Hot, Hatha, Yin, Pregnancy, Parent + Baby, Kids Yoga + Sound Healing

I came to Yoga at my heaviest - overweight, depressed. But with a regular practice of Hot Yoga; something shifted... I was able to think clearly, move with ease + feel more connected with myself than ever.


This is where my journey into teaching began; training + qualifying as a Hot Yoga Teacher in New York City.


The journey is far from over...


2015 - 500Hr Hot Yoga

2015 - 27Hr Yoga for Kids + Families

2016 - 100Hr Yin Yoga + Chakra Methodology

2019 - 96Hr Pre + Post Natal, Baby Yoga + Baby Massage

2019 - Level 1 Reiki

2020 - Level 2 Reiki

2021 - The Art of Integrated Sonic Medicine

2023 - CPD Anatomy + Physiology Applied to Yoga: The Foot and Ankle

Professional Bodies

Yoga Alliance - 500Hr RYT + 200Hr E-RYT

BE Teacher - Kee Chan.png

Kee Chan

Hot, Vinyasa + Yin Yoga

My journey started in 2011 with Bikram Hot Yoga. I loved the heat from the very first moment + felt the healing benefits immediately.

Diagnosed with chronic Sciatica down my left side I decided against surgery or steroid injections + opted to practice Hot Yoga consistently + consciously over 6 months - managing to heal my body!

I now teach Hot Yoga, Vinyasa Flow + Yin.


2012 - 500Hr Bikram Yoga

2015 - 200Hr Vinyasa Flow

2015 - 30Hr Hot Power Yoga

2019 - 65Hr Yin Yoga

Charlotte Lauren - a woman smiling with blue eyes + shoulder length light brown hair.

Charlotte Lauren

Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Pre Natal, Yin Yoga + Massage

After 12 years of working in the Fashion Industry, I took a sabbatical in 2019 to find some space to breathe + slow down my pace of life!

Focusing on my passion in Holistic Health + Well-being, I traveled to India to do my Yoga Teacher Training. During this time I also gained my Level 3 Diploma in Massage, which is such a beautiful compliment to a Yoga practice.


2020 - 200Hr Vinyasa + Ashtanga Yoga

2020 - 50Hr Yin Yoga

2021 - 80Hr Pre Natal Yoga

2021 - ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Massage

Helen Brumby.png

Helen Brumby

Hot Yoga

I first discovered Hot Yoga in 2014 after being handed a leaflet in Epsom Town Centre. Being keen on all things fitness, I decided to try it out. After the shock of the first class, I was sold by the second!

As a busy mum of two, + with a career in pensions; Yoga was initially a weekly treat. It soon started to help me with back problems + then with some difficult times that followed. 

Yoga has become a regular part of my life. I love + value the benefits that it brings both myself + others.

Which is why I completed my Teacher Training in November 2023 - to help others achieve the same peave + calmness both physically + mentally.


2023 - 200Hr Hot Yoga

BE Teacher - Martha Fish.png

Martha Fish

Mandala, Vinyasa, Pregnancy, Post Natal, Mum + Baby Yoga

Yoga has given me a new way to explore movement, find some much needed headspace + recover from injury.


I originally trained in Ballet + Contemporary dance + use my love of movement to inform my Yoga sequencing. i enjoy building balanced, dynamic + at times challenging classes.


I completed my initial Yoga Teacher Training in 2020 + have gained qualifications in Pregnancy Yoga + Mandala.


2020 - 200Hr Yoga

2021 - 85Hr Pregnancy, Post Natal, Mum + Baby Yoga

2022 - 50Hr Mandala Vinyasa

BE Teacher - Danarys Draper.png

Danarys Draper

Vinyasa Yoga

From a background of dancing, cheerleading, sports; movement has always been a must for me. Unfortunately through a series of accidents + events my active lifestyle came to a complete halt + resulted in the need to have major back surgery in 2020.


Taking a massive toll on my overall health - Yoga was the one thing that not only helped me physically, but mentally, to introduce flow + movement back into my everyday life.


I enjoy working intuitively on the day, so expect crystals, Oracle card pulling, curated playlists, + sound bowls to heighten your experience of asanas, meditation + (most definitely) relaxation!


2023 - 200Hr Yoga

BE Teacher - Amanda Teeha.png

Amanda Teeha

Hatha Yoga

I completed my Teacher Training in India in 2019 + from this adventure I was able to bring back many life-changing gifts such as self-acceptance, resilience + methods to help me connect to the present.

I found solace amidst the anxieties + stress from my corporate life by incorporating Yogic principles into my day-to-day experiences.


My desire to share all I've learnt + practiced was ignited by the Lockdowns of 2020. Sharing what worked effectively for me allowed me to help others manage the isolation; accessing a space to connect + feel physically + mentally fit.

I like to bring together all these aspects into my classes; to help you feel more connected to yourself + the world around you.


2019 - 200Hr Yoga

2019 - Yoga Education

Jo Sadler-Lovett.png

Jo Sadler-Lovett

Hot Yoga

I first stepped into a Bikram Studio in 2013 + that first class turned into a 30-day Challenge! Put simply, I can't live my best life without it!


My journey has not been straightforward, after overcoming long term illness + then having a baby, I appreciate how every person's body + mind changes over their life time. But your practice + your Yoga community will always be there.


Patience + acceptance is at the heart of my practice + teaching. I believe that the Yoga mat is a precious space + if you let it, change will happen - both inside + out! It's amazing that the same Yoga creates a unique experience for the student, class after class!​


2023 - 200Hr Yoga

BE Teacher - Hannah Duncan.png

Hannah Duncan

Vinyasa, Restorative, Chair + Children's Yoga

I first discovered my Yoga practice during my Drama School training in London. While it was the physical practice that initially drew me in, it was Yoga's transformative impact on my mind, nervous system + overall outlook that kept me hooked!

Now, as a Yoga Instructor, I believe in making Yoga accessible to everyone. My Children's classes are playful + imaginative; teaching self-regulation, body awareness + positivity, while my adult classes blend Vinyasa, Ashtanga + Restorative principles with Yoga philosophy, mindfulness + meditation. I also offer Chair Yoga for an accessible, gentle + supportive practice.

Teaching across are ranges, I aim to share the holistic benefits + teachings of Yoga with diverse communities to help spread the joy of Yoga far + wide!


2019 - 250Hr Vinyasa Flow

2019 - 30Hr Restorative Practices

2012 - 100Hr Embodied Yoga Practices

2022 - 36Hr Children's Yoga

BE Teacher - Naomi Hu.png

Naomi Hu

Vinyasa + Yin Yoga

Growing up in New Zealand + embracing the UK in my teens, I am an experienced corporate marketer by day! However, my journey into the world of Yoga began at the tender age of 19 when I accompanied my sick Aunt to a Yoga therapy session. The lightness + joy she experienced in that class sparked a lifelong passion for Yoga.

In 2017, I travelled to the spiritual heartland of Yoga, Rishikesh in India + earnt my first qualification in Vinyasa Yoga. I have continued to train in Yoga; adding Yin, Yoga Nidra + Yoga Sculpt to my teaching repertoire.

My mission is to share the transformative power of Yoga with those in need, helping them to find peace in their minds + bodies. My classes are a sanctuary where you can 'come home' to yourself, creating a peaceful space within.


2017 - 100Hr Vinyasa Yoga

2019 - 200Hr Yoga

2023 - 50Hr Yin Anatomy + Nidra

2023 - Yoga Sculpt

2024 - 500Hr Advanced Yoga 

BE Teacher - Faye Hardy.png

Faye Hardy

Power, Vinyasa Yoga

My Yoga practice began simply as a way to move my body, but within a short space of time it developed into a deeper, more spiritual practice. Through consistently practicing Yoga, I found a safe space where I could explore my mind, breath + body without ego or judgement.

Keen to go even deeper, I went on to complete my initial 200-hr Teacher Training in Power Yoga, in London, + have since completed additional training in Intelligent Sequencing + Mindfulness. Now as a teacher, these experiences are what I aim to offer those who practice with me in my classes: a space to explore.


2020 - 200Hr Power Yoga

2020 - 30Hr Intelligent Sequencing + Mindfulness

2024 - 85Hr Pregnancy, Postnatal + Baby Yoga

BE Teacher - Lynsey Hart.png

Lynsey Hart

Yoga, Baby Massage + Baby Yoga, Pregnancy + Kids Yoga

I have spent 18 years nursing, supporting families of children with chronic illness. My belief is that holistic wellness is the side-effect free treatment that every family deserves access to, to enhance our ives, create calm + connection.

This belief led me to Baby Massage + Yoga. After having my son, the value in Community at the same life stage was clear.

Holding circles for women + their babies has enabled me to offer this support + empowerment in a holistic way, with a focus on grounding, empowerment + mindfulness.


2019 - Baby Massage + Baby Yoga

2020 - Newborn Nurture

2020 - Tummy Time Practitioner

2021 - 25Hr Kids Yoga

2022 - Mother Circle Facilitator

2023 - 200Hr Yoga

2024 - 100Hr Yoga + Mindfulness for Pregnancy + Birth

BE Teacher - Ana Wilson.png

Ana Wilson

Vinyasa + Yin Yoga

I originally trained in Musical Theatre + have always been a very outgoing + theatrical person. However, I experienced a large amount of mental + physical strain from this + was encouraged to start going to Yoga classes.

Yoga quickly became my way of dealing with such an intense lifestyle. Yoga was so helpful to me + allowed my mind to slow down + destress. I then trained as a Yoga Teacher throughout the pandemic + realised how much I wanted to share the benefits of Yoga with others.

I always try to bring a friendly + lighthearted nature into my classes, encouraging my students to try new things + if they fall out of a pose, to learn to laugh + get back up, which I believe is a message we can all take into our daily lives!


2021 - 200Hr Yoga

2023 - 50Hr Yin Yoga

BE Teacher - Kat Caddick.png

Kat Caddick

Vinyasa Yoga

I initially came to Yoga for the physical workout but quickly discovered that the breath to movement also stilled my mind, As I commenced my studies I found a strong practice, coupled with the teachings of Yoga philosophy, brought me healing + I became passionate about bringing Yoga's teaching to my students so it could do the same for them too.

Also a Sound Therapist, Clinical Massage Therapist + Reiki Practitioner, I enjoy creatively interweaving these other healing disciplines into my soulful Vinyasa + Slow Flows too.


2022 - 200Hr Yoga

2024 - Sound Therapy

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